Hailey grew up in the Missouri Bootheel in a small town called Portageville. She and her husband, Brady, share their home with two lively dogs — Charlie, a miniature schnauzer, and Rosco, a shepherd mix — and a cat, Nala, who adds her own brand of charm to their household.

My Husband Brady & Me

My Husband Brady & Me

Brady and Hailey are proud alumni of Mizzou, where they pursued their undergraduate degrees. After spending time in Virginia and the St. Louis area, they are thrilled to return to Columbia. Brady is embarking on his journey into medical school at Mizzou, which brought them back to their alma mater.

Fun fact: Hailey is an avid reader, especially of psychological thrillers.

Me & My Dog Rosco

Me & My Dog Rosco

1. What are you most passionate about personally?

I am passionate about providing compassionate, unbiased and evidence-based care to all patients. I seek to promote patient health literacy, empowering individuals with knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and actively participate in their care.

2. What advances in oncology care are you seeing?

Recent strides in oncology, including advancements in immunotherapy, precision medicine, targeted therapies and liquid biopsies, are transforming cancer treatment by boosting effectiveness, reducing side effects and personalizing patient care.

3. What can patients expect when they have a consultation/appointment with you?

When seeing me, patients can expect compassionate care that prioritizes their well-being and autonomy. Together, we’ll engage in open dialogue about treatment options and goals. My goal is to ensure patients feel heard, respected and empowered throughout their journey, knowing they have trusted partners dedicated to their health.

4. What is your favorite quote?

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

My Dogs, Charlie & Rosco

My Dogs, Charlie & Rosco

5. Finish the sentence, if I wasn’t an oncologist I would be …

I would be a dog walker. Hanging out with pups all day sounds like the best job ever.

6. What was your first job?

My first job was working as an ophthalmic assistant.

7. What are three words you’d use to describe yourself?

Creative, empathetic, motivated

Brady & me in our favorite city- Chicago

Brady & me in our favorite city- Chicago

8. What is your favorite vacation?

My favorite vacation is relaxing on a beach. The serenity of the ocean is unmatched.

9. What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is The Nightingale, a powerful portrayal of resilience during World War II.

10. Best thing you like about living in Columbia?

Cheering on the Tigers at Faurot Field. M-I-Z!