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Getting a Second Opinion from a Cancer Care Specialist

Get a Second Opinion on Your Cancer Diagnosis

When you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, you want to have confidence in the treatment options available and know you’re getting the best care possible from a team of experts. A consultation with the second-opinion cancer specialists at Missouri Cancer Associates offers the expertise that can help you make your most important care decisions. Call today to connect with our world-class oncology team.

Expert Cancer Consultation

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Why Should You Get a Second Opinion on Your Cancer Diagnosis?

It is wise to get a second opinion for a cancer diagnosis for several reasons. A second opinion consultation with Missouri Cancer Associates will help you:

  • Confirm the accuracy of the initial diagnosis.
  • Provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation and address your concerns.
  • Consult with specialists who may have more experience with your particular type of cancer.
  • Explore a broader range of treatment options and make informed decisions about your care.
  • Open up new possibilities for cutting-edge treatments or clinical trials.
  • Comply with insurance requirements.


At Missouri Cancer Associates, you’ll find information from top cancer specialists to help you better understand your cancer diagnosis.

At Missouri Cancer Associates, we believe you should receive answers to your questions quickly. Waiting for a confirmed diagnosis after a suspicious lump or delays in seeing an oncologist for treatment only prolongs the worry and anxiety. Don’t wait — we can have answers for you in days!

Missouri Cancer Associates helps you find your voice and feel confident in making important decisions about your cancer treatment and care.

Seeking a Second Opinion on Cancer

If you are seeking a second opinion, Missouri Cancer Associates is here to help.

Make an appointment for a consultation with an oncologist at Missouri Cancer Associates by calling 573-874-7800 or scheduling online. Bring your records to the consult and any questions you may have. The medical professionals at Missouri Cancer Associates will review your records with you and address any questions and concerns. You’ll discuss the type of treatments and surgeries you’ve had, the outcomes you’ve experienced and your current treatment.

After the consult, your medical professional can provide an expert opinion on the best plan of care moving forward.

You are free to share your diagnosis and plan of care with anyone of your choosing. You’re not obligated to seek further care at Missouri Cancer Associates, although many do. It is simply our goal to provide you with the best information to make confident healthcare decisions.

If you participate in an accepted payer plan, your second opinion may only cost your standard co-pay to see a specialist.

Scheduling Your Second Opinion Appointment

People who are diagnosed with cancer often experience a wide range of emotions, as well as a sense of urgency to get into treatment as soon as possible. The medical professionals at Missouri Cancer Associates can see you within 24 to 48 hours of requesting an appointment.

When to Get a Second Opinion on Your Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis may feel overwhelming, so it’s important that you feel confident in your care and treatment plan. It is your right to get a second opinion, and most doctors will support exploring a second opinion.

Getting a second opinion can help you understand your cancer treatment options. You may want to get a second opinion if …

  • You have a rare or unusual cancer.
  • You feel uncomfortable with your doctor or the diagnosis, or you need confirmation.
  • Your health insurance requires it.
  • The treatment offered has side effects or risks that you find disconcerting.
  • The treatment options will result in unacceptable or unreasonable demands on your life and your family.
  • Your doctor’s treatment goals are different from your own.
  • Your cancer is not responding to your current treatment.

How a Second Opinion Can Help:

  • It can confirm your diagnosis.
  • You can determine if the cancer has spread.
  • You’ll get a perspective from specialists with different expertise (such as a radiation oncologist or surgical oncologist).
  • It can determine clinical trials or alternative therapies that apply to your treatment plan.
  • You can discover other treatment options.
  • You’ll have confidence on how to proceed with your care.

Best Oncologists for Second Opinions

“I am most passionate about believing every patient deserves an individual, personal approach to cancer treatment.”

– Mark Tungesvik, M.D.

At Missouri Cancer Associates, our dedicated team of doctors and nurses places patients at the forefront of their mission. They prioritize collaborative efforts, strive for excellence in their medical practice, and provide unwavering compassionate care. These healthcare professionals exhibit a profound and personal dedication to discovering and implementing cutting-edge treatments. Their lifelong commitment revolves around identifying the most efficacious methods to assist individuals in their journey toward healing and triumphing over cancer.

“They’re just wonderful people. You get such a good feeling when you’re there because of the MCA team. You can mention just in passing to one of the nurses that you had a bad night, and suddenly you have so many people trying to figure out what you need and how to help you through this journey. They’re the greatest people in the world.”

– Bill Carter, survivor


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