Available Summer of 2024 at Missouri Cancer Associates

Exciting news is on the horizon for prostate cancer treatment in Columbia, Missouri, as Pluvicto, a groundbreaking radiopharmaceutical therapy, is set to be offered at Missouri Cancer Associates by the summer of 2024. This cutting-edge treatment incorporates the radioisotope lutetium-177 (Lu-177), which is exclusively produced at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR), marking a significant advancement in cancer care in the region.

Dr. Andrew Iliff, a medical oncologist at Missouri Cancer Associates, shed light on the innovative approach of Pluvicto.

“We end up combining a radioactive isotope with a target, in this case, it’s against PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) which is expressed on the surface of prostate cancer cells,” explained Dr. Iliff.

This process forms a radioligand, which binds to the prostate cancer cells, gets internalized, and effectively destroys the cancerous cells.

For patients like Jon Morawitz, who battled stage four prostate cancer since 2013, this treatment has been nothing short of transformative. After enduring 11 years of chemotherapy every three weeks with fluctuating PSMA levels, Morawitz found hope in Pluvicto. Following six rounds of treatment, his PSMA levels plummeted, and his tumors visibly shrank. Morawitz emphasized the stark contrast in side effects, noting that unlike chemotherapy, Pluvicto treatments every six weeks left him with minimal discomfort, primarily experiencing only dry mouth and eyes.

The availability of Pluvicto at Missouri Cancer Associates underscores a pivotal shift in prostate cancer management, offering patients a more targeted and less toxic alternative to traditional chemotherapy. Dr. Iliff emphasized the potential of Pluvicto to extend patients’ lives while significantly improving their quality of life.

As Missouri Cancer Associates gears up to initiate this groundbreaking treatment, the introduction of Pluvicto marks a fresh chapter of hope and advancement in combating prostate cancer. Through the fusion of pioneering research, advanced technology, and empathetic treatment, patients can anticipate a more promising journey towards recovery.

The quest to eliminate cancer persists, and pioneering treatments such as Pluvicto signify substantial progress, advancing step by step, with each patient benefiting from these innovative therapies.

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