Living Beyond Cancer

Cancer survivorship has three phases: living through, with and beyond cancer.

Living With Cancer: This part of the journey is the experience of being diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment. Patients will begin treatment and may encounter side effects. Also, patients and their loved ones may need support services or counseling to help understand the stress, emotional and psychological changes during cancer treatment.

Living Through Cancer: The next step after treatment is living through cancer. Most patients are relieved after treatment is complete, however there is the risk of being diagnosed again. During this time, patients may be nervous about no longer seeing their primary cancer physician on a regular basis.

Living Beyond Cancer: Missouri Cancer Associates wants every patient to live beyond cancer. Living beyond care is based on long-term survivorship. The transition back to day-to-day routines may be difficult, but our hope is for you to get back to normal. Our physicians will work with your primary care doctor to develop an ongoing health care plan.

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Getting a Second Opinion

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