Mary S. Muscato, M.D., FACP

Medical Oncologist


University of Pennsylvania

Special Interests:

Several areas of Hematology and Medical Oncology including; breast cancer, hematological malignancies, benign hematology (anemias, disorders of platelets and white cells), clotting and bleeding disorders. I love to teach medical students and give Anemia lectures to 3rd year medical students on their internal medical rotation. Also interested in Palliative Care and Hospice, where she has been a Medical Director for 20 years. Currently is the Medical Director for Boone Hospital Hospice.

Personal Interests:

We love spending our vacations skiing in Colorado and with years of experience, I am finally getting better. I love to draw and paint, water color and India Ink are my favorite mediums. I find playing Beethoven and Mozart on the piano very relaxing. I enjoy reading and learning French and Italian, I found it gives me an excuse to travel and enjoy Europe. I love to cook and bake Julia Child French Pastry.

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