Mentor Program at Missouri Cancer Associates

So That No One Faces Cancer Alone.

Missouri Cancer Associates offers free cancer survivor mentoring. A cancer survivor can assist and support with the initial emotional, psychological, and practical needs that can seem insurmountable after a cancer diagnosis.

This mentorship is a way to connect individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer with one-on-one support from someone who has experienced the same diagnosis and similar course of treatment.

MCA will work to match the support seeker with survivors with similar demographics such as age, gender, and life situation, providing free support for their cancer journey.

To sign up for mentorship support or to serve as a mentor for someone in need, please fill out the following application.

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If you have questions, please email for assistance.

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Getting a Second Opinion

Make an appointment with one of our medical oncologistsradiation oncologistsgenetics experts, or hematology professionals by calling 573-874-7800.

Karen Singleton decided to schedule a routine mammogram. As it turned out, that simple, preventive measure in March 2018 ended up saving her life. Because of her early diagnosis and the location of her tumor, Karen’s treatment plan included a lumpectomy , followed by internal radiation — also called brachytherapy or seed implantation. Read Karen’s survivor story.