Laboratory Services

Missouri Cancer Associates offers a full service laboratory. Lab staff (including phlebotomists, technologists, and technicians) perform testing and procedures ordered by our physicians. The lab provides efficient quality patient care. MCA lab is accredited by COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation). Laboratories accredited by COLA not only meet federal CLIA and state regulatory requirements, but also benefit from the educational services COLA provides.

Lab tests are performed for various reasons:

  • To determine the cause of symptoms
  • To confirm a diagnosis
  • To screen for a disease
  • To help rule out a disease or condition
  • To assess the severity or progression of a disease
  • To verify specific events

A Complete Blood Count (CBC) is a very common blood test performed in our office. The CBC is a wealth of information for your doctor. Many patients like to receive a copy of their CBC results to follow their “counts”. Blood has two major parts, the formed cells and the fluid portion (plasma). There are three major formed cell lines that are counted: white cells, red cells and platelets. It takes all three cell types working together to perform important bodily functions such as oxygen transport and fighting infection. Chemistry testing is sent to local reference lab for assay.

Lab staff assist physicians during fine needle aspirations and bone marrow procedures.

Making sense of your lab test involves more than just knowing why the test is ordered by your physician. It can be helpful to understand what the results mean and what factors can affect results. Sometimes test results can be affected by when you last ate or exercised, your age, and prescription or over the counter medications or treatments. The Lab plays a vital role in your healthcare team.

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